what is mindfulness

Mindfulness means;

'being open and aware, without any judgement in the here and now'.

you could say that mindfulness is knowing how to be(come) aware. knowing how to be alert, without any judgement and being able to notice what is here in this moment.

It sounds very easy, but it is more difficult then you might think.

So consumed by the autopilot you miss half of things happening around you, wich can make you react in a way that could be harmfull to yourself or others

Jon Kabat-zinn

was first introduced to meditation during his study.  In 1979 he founded the Stress Reduction Clinic, where he used Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and developed the Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program.

He renamed the eight-week course to mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), removed the Buddhist framework  and made it scientific based.



The trainng helps you cope with stress, pain, and illness by using what is called "moment-to-moment awareness."